Skincare: Long Haul Flight Essentials

Long haul flights can leave your skin dehydrated and prone to breakouts. I recommend not wearing any make up on the flight as this will help your pores breath, it’s also important to drink lots of water to stay hydrated – this will help your skin as well as help you feel fresher. These are my in flight essentials to keep my skin happy and looking healthy


Lip balm: Ren Vita Mineral

My lips dry out so quick and often on flights so I apply this generously and often. It doesn’t have an overpowering scent and is very hydrating which is just what’s needed on a long flight.

Hand cream: Faith In Nature Restorative

Like my lips my hands also dry out super quick at high altitude, I love this hand cream by Faith In Nature – It’s not greasy, absorbs nice and quick and have a lovely smell.

Moisturiser: Nuxe Anti Fatigue

I apply this probably every few hours on a flight as that’s hour quickly my skin can start to feel dry and dehydrated with all the cabin pressure. This one also specializes in Anti Fatigue which is even better.

Cleanser: Nuxe Purifying Micellar Water

This Rose scented cleansing water is great and claims to cleanse, purify and soften which is perfect for traveling.

Facial Wipes: Yes To Cucumber

I use these almost as soon as I get comfortable on a flight, either to take off any make up I might be wearing or just to clean my face to keep it clean and my pores nice and clear to prevent breakouts. These smell of cucumber which I love

Deodorant: Weleda Citrus

This is great for when you want to freshen up after a long flight when you can feel a bit gross, the citrus scent makes it even more refreshing.

Hand sanitizer: Dr Bronners Lavender

I like to have a hand sanitizer with me on flights to use in a pinch. This one has a lovely calming Lavender scent which also helps with the hectic environment you get on flights


So those are the products I swear by for a long flight. Do you have any products that are tried and tested?

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