5 Ways to De-stress your Body & Mind

We can all tell the difference between a good type of stress and a bad type of stress. Good stress is the type that keeps you going, staying motivated, interested and excited. The bad type of stress is usually the complete opposite, Life can be stressful sometimes so here are 5 simple ways I like to de-stress!

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You can’t beat fresh air and it really does help lift your mood. So whether its a park, forest, beach or the countryside- Get outside! Plus it costs nothing. Daisy certainly seems to be enjoying it 🙂


(l-r Daisy and Dave – Ashdown Forest)


Beautiful views even on a cloudy day 🙂

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If you’re a complete newbie meditation can be a bit intimidating- I know it was to me at first. The app ‘Calm’ is a great way of starting. It includes guided meditations which are a great starting point to get you familiar with the practice of meditation and it’s benefits.

   P1040690  P1040692

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I love to use a mixture of Aromatherapy, Epsom salts and Candles to make a spa like atmosphere in my bathroom, you could even play some spa music to complete the experience. Lavender is a great essential oil for calming and de-stressing and you can’t beat the oils by Aromatherapy Associates which are so luxurious and they even do specific de-stress mixes.


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 There is something so energising about exercising outdoors – I’ve tried it in all weather extremes from fresh inches of snow to a beautiful sunny day. Make sure you’re wearing the correct clothing according to the weather though. If you’re exercising in a cold climate then that crisp fresh air will definitely bring your workout to another level, I’ve found in the past that it keeps my overall body temp down meaning I can push myself a little more and there’s a lot of benefits to working out in the sunshine too, Vitamin D and sweating out all those toxins to name a few.

You could try one of these: Yoga, Tennis, Jogging, Swimming, Bootcamp

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Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 13.42.14

   Whether you’re into Cooking, Reading, Art, Gardening or something else entirely just do something you love for as little as 15 minutes or if you have more time then even better. It’s good to set aside time just for yourself and your passions.

IMG_9071 IMG_0925

Do you have any interesting ways you like to de-stress? Which of these would be your first port of call?

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