Delicious & Healthy Chocolate Shake

This is a healthy twist on the good old fashion Chocolate milkshake – the difference is you can indulge in one of these not only guilt free but also knowing the ingredients are actually good for you!

This recipe is great as a dessert or a pre or post workout shake as it packs a mega protein punch! Sometimes I even have it for breakfast.



1 Frozen Banana

Raw Cacao Powder 1.5 Tbsp

Maca Powder 1 Tbsp

Hemp Protein Powder 1 Tbsp

Unsweetened Almond Milk (Can be shop bought or homemade) 1.5 Cups

Almond Butter 1 Tsp

Date Syrup 1/2 Tsp (or any other natural sweetener)

Fresh Mint (Optional) 2-6 Leaves depending how minty you like it


I usually use these Eco friendly reusable straws I found on Amazon.


Give the recipe a try – you’ll love it!

What are your favourite adaptions of traditionally Dairy recipes?

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 14.18.51


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